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Military Spouses

Professional Bartending School of Nashville is proud to announce that we are approved for the MyCAA Scholarship program. This program helps military spouses with continuing education that will help them gain positions in high growth occupations. We are honored to help military spouses be able to attend our award winning school and assist them in getting jobs in the wonderful and profitable career of bartending. This program is offered to spouses of active military, National Guard, and Reserve components. Click HERE to see if you qualify.


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Nashville School Earns Award!Nashville and Knoxville Wins Multi School of the Year Award!

David W. Edwards, Director, of the Professional Bartending School of Knoxville and the Co-Director of the Professional Bartending School of Nashville attended the 2012 PBSA Leadership Conference on November 10th, 2012.

The Nashville campus won an unprecedented School of the Year Award for the 13th out of 14 years. The Nashville campus brought home the Multi School of the Year Award with the Knoxville campus. This is Knoxville’s first School of the Year award and it shows how a small market school can achieve success with hard work.

The Nashville campus continues a long streak in the PBSA’s nationwide chain of schools that will probably never be broken. Much of the success is owed to Quinn Edwards and Randy Jansen. Quinn took over as Co-Director of the Nashville campus in June of 2011 and has done a remarkable job. Her tireless energy, work ethic, and true caring for her students has paid off once again for the Nashville campus.

Randy Jansen has been the Job Placement Director for 7 years at the Nashville campus and he is one of the main reasons for the continued success of the campus over the years. Randy works hard helping students find great bartending jobs. His perseverance, communication skills, and caring attitude has made him one of the most successful job placement directors in PBSA history.

David W. Edwards took back over the role of Director for the Knoxville campus in June 2011. He immediately brought the school to prominence with improvements in the job placement program with Randy Jansen supervising the Knoxville placement department. Students started going to work in the best places in the Knoxville area and enrollments tripled. David has been the Director of the Nashville campus for 21 years, and has directed the Knoxville campus off and on for 6 1/2 years. After all of these years, he still cares about running great schools.

The Nashville instructors led by Jo Johnson, former 2010 Instructor of the Year and the Knoxville instructors do a remarkable job and continue to receive student’s praise. Putting out good bartenders is one of the keys to both campuses success.

Congratulations to the staff of Professional Bartending Schools of Nashville and Knoxville for another great year!!

Nashville School Of The Year In 2010Professional Bartending School of Nashville Wins “School of the Year” again!! After two years in a row of sharing the award, first in 2008 with Atlanta and then Indianapolis in 2009, the Nashville campus claimed the prestigious award for 2010 all to themselves!

David and Quinn Edwards, Co-Directors of the Nashville campus had a remarkable year despite the economy and placed over 90% of their graduates in great bartending jobs with the help of Randy Jansen, Job Placement Director of the Nashville campus!

Nashville also saw some staff changes and David was quoted as saying “this is the best staff our campus has had in 19 years”! He was also honored to win the coveted “School of the Year” Award for the 11th time out of 12 years. This was the 12th time they had one the “School of the Year” award in 19 years since opening the Nashville campus doors! This is a Professional Bartending Schools of America record that will more than likely never be broken.

David’s secret to success is simple “We work hard all year and we have simple goals when it comes to running our school. We work with every student until they graduate and then we turn around and work each graduate until they find a job that they like”! “But more important we care about our students and running a great school” David added.
Congratulations to the Nashville staff for a record breaking run of “School of the Year” awards. Keep up the great work!!

PBSA Visits Oldest Rum Distillery in Puerto Rico!!

After the recent P.B.S.A. National Leadership Conference held in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Roger Oldham, President of the Professional Bartending Schools of America toured the Serralles Distillery in Ponce, Puerto Rico.  PBSA Group at Serralles DistilleryThe Serralles Distillery, the makers of Don Q. Rum, is the oldest rum distillery in Puerto Rico and actually distributes and sells more rum in Puerto Rico than the Bacardi Company whose headquarters is in San Juan. Accompanying Roger on the trek across the beautiful country side from San Juan to Ponce was his companion Nancie Nolan, David and Quinn Edwards, Directors of the Nashville campus, and Will Cobbin, Director of the Cleveland, Ohio campus and his companion Karen Stroup.

The PBSA group gathered in the lobby of the Caribe Hilton to embark on their trip to Ponce around 1:00 in the afternoon. They loaded in a new van driven by their trusty driver who was not only very knowledgeable but had a laugh that reminded you of Cheech Marin of Cheech and Chong. His knowledge of Puerto Rico and the various attractions made the long ride to Ponce go very quickly.

Ponce, is a city named after it's founder, Loiza Ponce De Leon, the great grandson of Juan Ponce de Leon. Ponce was founded in 1692 and is known as ÒLa Perla del SurÓ (Pearl of the South). It's the second largest city in Puerto Rico. The people of Ponce are very proud of their city. As our group entered the city limits, we were amazed by the giant letters PONCE reminiscent of the famous Hollywood letters in Hollywood, California.

Entering the grounds of the Serralles Distillery was definitely different than our previous tour of the Bacardi Distillery. Serralles Distillery does not offer public tours so we drove through the gate with little fan fare Sylvia Santiago - VP Serralles Distillery Speaks at PBSA Conferenceor fancy entrances. The driver assured us that we were going to see things that very few people outside of the workers of Seralles ever get to see. We were definitely excited.

Meeting us in the lobby was Silvia Santiago, the Senior Vice President of Manufacturing. She had spoken at the PBSA Leadership Conference a few days earlier, and we knew we were in for a treat by getting a personal tour of the facilities by senior management. Also on hand was Alberto Torruella, the Vice President of Manufacturing. Alberto grew up around the Serralles Distillery and has worked at the distillery for many years. His knowledge of Serralles was simply amazing.

Alberto Tells It Like It Is!The Serralles Distillery started manufacturing rum in 1865. Serralles is the oldest distillery in Puerto Rico, and the largest producer of rum in Puerto Rico, as well as the second largest producer of quality rums in the United States. The flagship brand is Don Q. Rums including Don Q. Cristal, Don Q. Limon, Don Q. Coco, Don Q. Grand Anejo and many other flavors of Don Q. The Serralles Distillery also produces Ron Rico rum, as well as gin, vodka, Creme de Cocoa, Blue Curacao, Triple Sec, and grenadine.

Due to time constraints and only having 1 hour to tour the distillery before the workers stopped production, Alberto started our tour in reverse. A memorable ride on a gof cart!We started the tour at the packaging building and worked our way backwards through the distillery. Alberto handed us hard hats and we jumped on golf carts and took off onto the grounds of the distillery. Alberto chauffeuring Will and Karen from Cleveland with David Edwards driving Quinn, Roger, and Nancie on the other golf cart.

Fifty feet into the tour, David almost took out the side of a building in his golf cart and this was before any rum tasting what so ever. Seems there was a lot of play in the steering. After Roger threatened David with a demotion, he got his driving under control.

That's a lot of rum aging in barrels!The tour had many highlights including the warehouses where the barrels were stored, the control room that was literally like the war room of the distillery that monitored all aspects of the rum distillation with about 20 giant computer monitors, and we also visited the electric plant.

Serralles produces their own electric after a hurricane had knocked out the power years ago which halted production for a month. They not only generate their own power now but have back up generators to ensure the world keeps getting it's supply of Don Q. Rum.

After the tour, we went back to Ms. Silvia Santiago's office where she educated us on the many different brands Serralles produces. She also shared some new products with us that are top secret and coming out in the next few months. We tasted a few of the products and I must say we are all now Don Q. fans. Silvia and Alberto shared stories about their many years at Serralles. It was the best and most personal tour any distillery had ever given us. As we departed, Silvia handed us each a gift bag topping off a wonderful afternoon.

OPonce Historic Firehouse - Now a Museumur driver was patiently waiting in the lobby and now it was time to get some food. He drove us to the historical Plaza de las Delicias. We drove around the square looking for a great place to eat. He pointed out the famous firehouse, Parque de Bombas, that years ago saved much of the City of Ponce from a major fire that threatened the whole city. It is now a free museum.

We went to the Bamboleo Restaurant in Downtown Ponce which served fine Mediterranean cuisine. It was early so we had the whole place to ourselves. After enjoying a great meal with our driver, it was time to head back to San Juan.

Professional Bartending Schools of America wants to thank the Serralles Distillery and Silvia Santiago and Alberto Torruella for an amazing day and PBSA looks forward to promoting the Serralles brands in the future.

Written by David W. Edwards


blogGeorge Bobier graduated the Nashville Campus in May 2009. Shortly after graduating, he bartended his first wedding and fell in love with doing private parties.

A long time resident of Spring Hill, George landed a job at Buffalo Wild Wings in Spring Hill a few weeks after graduation. He loves the regulars he has built up during the last year working at Buffalo’s Wild Wings. The place has a great atmosphere with the sheer amount of TV’s and the variety of clientele that usually frequent the bar for various sporting events and the food.

George’s truly loves private parties though! George and his wife, Janis, started Jan-Bo’s “On the Rocks” Bartending Services. He has had great success with his company doing many corporate events, weddings, and private parties. His company was recently featured in Nashville’s nFocus Magazine. He also recently joined the Spring Hill Chamber of Commerce and is continually growing his private bartending service. George takes great pride in giving his clients professional service and also his unique brand of wit and entertainment.

blog1jpgGeorge really enjoyed attending the Professional Bartending School of Nashville. He said it gave him the confidence and the organizational skills to succeed in bartending. He said “it’s not just learning drinks, but you learn all aspects of the bartending field by attending the campus”. George was a highly motivated student when he attended the school! He also attended the Flair Academy held at the Nashville campus and does many bar tricks for his patrons during his parties.

Check out George and Jan-Bo’s “On the Rocks” at:
www.jan-bos-ontherocks.com. We wish George and Jan Bo’s “On the Rocks” continued success.

For more information about the Professional Bartending School of Nashville please call (615) 885-5800 or call 1-800-BARTEND in the Tennessee area.

Nashville Bartending School Wins 2008 PBSA School of the Year!!

The staff of the Professional Bartending School of Nashville attended the 2009 PBSA National Leadership Conference held in San Juan, Puerto Rico on June 13, 2009. The meeting was a wonderful experience for all who attended. Activities were held on the 9th floor of the Caribe Hilton with an outstanding ocean view. Schools from around the United States attended this years conference.

The Caribe Hilton has a rich history in Puerto Rico. It recently celebrated its 55th year of creating the original Pina Colada! This years meeting concentrated on the theme of putting more people to work in a tough economy. Many news stories have been done on bartending schools throughout this last year documenting the fact that bartending is a recession proof career. While other trades are struggling to put people to work, there is still a huge demand for bartenders.

Sylvia Santiago - Manufactoring VP of Serralies DistilleryProfessional Bartending Schools of America as a whole is up in attendance and placement nationwide. PBSA is the largest chain of bartending schools in the United States and the Nashville campus is proud to be part of the premier chain of bartending schools. This years meeting had a variety of speakers but the highlight of the day was Silvia Santiago, Vice President of Manufacturing of the Don Q. Rum Distillery and her trusty side kick, Jose. She was an amazing speaker who brought different blends of rum and had a contest with participants to come up with the best rum mixture. All in all the meeting was a huge success. These meetings are generally held in exotic places and are a reward to the staff of PBSA campuses for their hard work throughout the year.

The meeting was held all day Saturday, followed by a cocktail party on the roof of the Caribe Hilton and then the Annual Awards Banquet. The Instructor of the Year was given to Larry Stratton of San Antonio, Texas. Nashville had won the award the two previous years with Victor Deaton winning the award in 2006, and Randy Jansen winning it again for Nashville in 2007. It was one of the few times in PBSA history that a school was given the award back to back. Congratulations goes out to Larry for an excellent job. The San Antonio school strives for perfection and the award represents the hard work of Larry Stratton and his Assistant Director, Rachel Burdett.

The real drama of the evening started when the President of PBSA, Roger Oldham, announced the National School of the Year Award. Nashville had been on a unprecedented run of winning the School of the Year Award 9 out of the last 10 years. Coming off one of its best years ever, the staff was on the edge of their seat anticipating another win. Roger announced the School of the Year going to the Professional Bartending School of Atlanta.

David Edwards Wins 2009 PBSA School of the YearThe Director of the Nashville school, David Edwards, though disappointed was happy for the staff of the Atlanta campus. The Director of the school, Jeannie Gaines, has been a friend of David's for over 20 years. When the hoopla died down over the presumed upset, Roger Oldham made an announcement that actually there had been a tie for School of the Year, and promptly announced the Nashville campus had won it again. David leaped from his chair and practically mugged Roger for the award.

David actually joked around and said he was about to have a Kanye West moment if Nashville hadn't won. This was the first time the Nashville campus had shared the award, but was very happy to share it with Atlanta. Jeannie Gaines is a legend in the bartending school world having been the Director of the Atlanta campus for over 30 years. This was actually the eleventh time Nashville had won the award in the 17 years since the Nashville campus opened its doors. "It's a pride thing with our staff."

David was quoted as saying. "Every year we set a goal to be No. 1 and the two things we concentrate on at our campus is working with students until they graduate and then working with students until they find a job." This has been the Nashville school's motto for years and that is why they are the best bartending school in the country year after year. Congratulations to the Directors and Staff at the Nashville campus and the Atlanta campus for a great year.

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