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Military Spouses

Professional Bartending School of Nashville is proud to announce that we are approved for the MyCAA Scholarship program. This program helps military spouses with continuing education that will help them gain positions in high growth occupations. We are honored to help military spouses be able to attend our award winning school and assist them in getting jobs in the wonderful and profitable career of bartending. This program is offered to spouses of active military, National Guard, and Reserve components. Click HERE to see if you qualify.

Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

The school is awesome. All the instructors were extremely nice and helpful. I just love Randy!!
Date of Posting: 11 March 2013
Posted By: Kayla Collins
graduate, Nash
Attending this class was very worth my time and money. The staff is great and will keep you focussed and uplifting. I would never have learned as much as I did in such a short time anywhere else.
Date of Posting: 11 March 2013
Posted By: Stephen Montgomery III
Graduate, nashville
I did not care for the study guide..

Jo is amazing!! very good teacher!!
Very clean and friendly atmosphere.
Date of Posting: 11 March 2013
Posted By: Holly Falkowski
Graduate, nashville
It was a lot of fun and really enjoyed it!!!
Date of Posting: 09 March 2013
Posted By: Graziella Longest
graduate, Nashville
Great school. really teaches you everything about bartending
Date of Posting: 04 March 2013
Posted By: Wesley Canup
graduate, Nashville
I had a blast learning all this material and gaining the confidence to take part in a new and exciting career. I've already recommended PBSA to my friends. Thanks for this great experience. :3
Date of Posting: 04 March 2013
Posted By: Cera Salman
Graduate, nashville
I had a great time in class learning all the drinks. Jo was a fantastic instructor. I feel like I really got my money's worth out of this course and would recommend this school to anyone interested in going to bartending school. Thank you staff for being so helpful and understanding of us students! :D
Date of Posting: 04 March 2013
Posted By: Jessica Schmidt
graduate, Nahville
Very fun and helpful place to learn and the techers are great.
Date of Posting: 04 March 2013
Posted By: Shandra Napier
Graduate, Nashville
Wonderful experience and I recommend this school to anyone wanting to go into bartending!
Date of Posting: 25 February 2013
Posted By: Glynis Kirkpatrick
Graduate, nashville
Great Experience!! I reccomend this school 100%!! Thank You Quinn!! :)
Date of Posting: 25 February 2013
Posted By: Jessica Peoples
Graduate, Nashville, TN

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